The role of the Quality Department at Pax Machine Works is to support and train Pax operators as well as provide service and information to the customer. The department is set up with all the necessary equipment to measure and verify the product Pax produces.

The scope of the Quality Department includes:

  • Programmable CMM measurement capability
  • Optical Comparator measurement capability
  • Rockwell hardness measurement
  • Pull testing (up to 50 KN force)
  • Laser micrometer measurement capability
  • Standard bench gage measurement capability
  • Fastener torque and push-out measurement
  • Calibration tracking and verification of all measuring instruments and equipment

The Quality Department operates an Operator Certification Program. All operators are trained and verified by quality personnel so there is complete understanding of print interpretation and measurement technique. The operators are certified annually or if there is a significant change to the part or process used to produce the part.